Dog Day Care Business- Review – Business Review Article

Hello everyone, in this particular article, I’m going to tell you about a business I discovered just recently that seems to be doing very well… And I don’t see it ever slowing down anytime soon, now I’m not sure if many of you guys realize but the dog day care business, has just in the past couple of years just skyrocketed towards catering to pets…( Your Little Ones) as some refer to them now…I see this all the time now, in some of the shops I frequent, Doggie Gear, Gourmet bones & treats which in some cases makes me salivate, But enough about my problems… Anyway, I’m sure you have seen this yourself, more & more now… Then say in 2003…I don’t know when owning a Dog Day Care Business, actually originated, but from what I found out it appears the most seem to be in Littleton,Colorado to be exact from my research.The reason behind this quest, is one of my brothers friends owns a dog day dare business that he runs from his home. And we got to talking and from the looks of it he’s been doing quite well… And he’s been doing it for about 6 months now, and tells me he has enjoyed every minute of it. Now from what I can gather it didn’t seem like he suffered from any kind of stress,which is always a good thing,”IMHO.”He told me that, he only charges $25.00 a day for his service, and as of right now he has 6 dogs… “$125.00 a day isn’t bad in my book.” He plans on getting more, but for now he’s quite happy and has no plans on increasing just yet. I have walked through his home and to tell you the truth, “I don’t know what he’s doing” it doesn’t smell like he has 1 dog let alone 6 of them running around, but I see them they are romping around having fun enjoying life…When the owners, show up they seem as happy as anyone can be. “Oh I almost forgot” check this out he has them on “Doggie Cam…” What this enables, is for the owners, if they have access to the internet to watch there doggie via web cam “How Cool Is That!”
Now, this feature just floored me now talk about your “innovation”… And the owners love it. Also as an added bonus, you can share the view with others who have internet access…So you can see, that owning a Dog Day Care Business can be pretty rewarding.The thing, that struck me the most about this business…Is that not only are you doing a great service for your clients but also taking care of the little ones and lets not forget the big ones, that they love with every fiber of their being… And let’s also not forget the very profitable aspect of this business. Well I’m done for now, I think owning a Dog Day Care Business can be a good fit for the right person. I’ll keep you up to date on any further information in my next article, “Bye for Now…”

Home Based Business Opportunity – Review Article Number 10 – Business Review Article

More and more, people are seeking a home based business opportunity, and why not? No boss, flexible hours, as well as unlimited income can be yours – if you choose the business opportunity that’s right for you. Below are four opportunities for you to consider:1. STARSCAPES┬« – Have you ever thought about making more money from home? Of course you have or you wouldn’t be reading this article, right? Starting your own business can be fun and rewarding. It can give you a new direction in life. You just need to find something that most people haven’t observed yet. Here you’ll find an innovative way to make an extra $100 a week, or even up to $1,500 a day with STARSCAPES cosmetic ceilings. This can be a fun, home based business for anyone, anywhere, at any age. Get your free 3D giant demonstration portals and introductory package at cost to get involved: $6,4502. – This Company provides easy and effective tools to digitize and organize vital papers, files and records. Individuals and families can have every personal, financial and family documents and pieces of information in one place that’s easy to find. The already huge risk of identity theft with its potential of tremendous financial loss and as well as personal credit destruction is growing at a rapid pace every day. These are terrible threats to you, your family and your financial security. has now created an exclusive new work from home business opportunity for you to get involved.Cost to get involved: $3,000-$5,0003. USAPetConnect – If you’re a pet lover, this is an opportunity for you to combine your passion with a turnkey, revenue generating, social-powered website and the perfect business for pet loving entrepreneurs. Your website is delivered, up and ready to go once you sign up. The website is yours, and you will become a part of the largest network of pet-lover resources in the USA.Cost to get involved: $9,8004. Hygienitech Systems LLC – This Company was founded in 1999, originally focused on providing mattress cleaning and sanitizing services. The company did so after discovering that the mattress cleaning and sanitizing business was a mature service throughout Europe. The founders extensive research uncovered the fact that there were thousands of businesses in Europe providing this service to both the private sector as well as thousands of multi-bed facilities on a regular basis. If you’re thinking “green,” this may be a terrific home based business opportunity for you.Cost to get involved: $5,000-$6,000Never rely solely on the recommendation of someone else when you’re looking at a prospective home based business opportunity – not even mine! Make sure you always do your due diligence, and ask yourself these four questions:1. Is this really a legitimate business?2. Is this an opportunity that would be “fun” for me?3. Can I afford this opportunity?4. Does this business afford me the opportunity to meet my long-term financial goals?